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CEFB - About us

Founded in 1993 under the name CFB by the Italian Egyptologist Dr. Angelo Sesana, a few years later it changed its name and since then it's been registered as a “non-profit Association”.

veduta del tempio dall'alto

From its early beginnings the CEFB has pursued the objective of actively explaining and promoting the knowledge of the culture of Ancient Egypt and also to study the relations between all the other ancient civilizations of the Middle East and the Mediterranean area. A few years after its foundation, the CEFB started an archaeological excavation project, still under development, on the area of the Temple of Millions of Years of the Pharaoh Amenhotep II (XVIII Dynasty) at Western Thebes. The excavations, at present covering an area under investigation of about 12.000 m2, are directed by Dr. Angelo Sesana, who attained the concession from the Egyptian Authorities (S.C.A. - Supreme Council of Antiquities). When the project of “Temple of Amenhotep II” began, it was necessary to set up a new department to coordinate and to manage everything connected to the organization of the archaeological expeditions. More in detail a new working team, consisting of young archaeologists, egyptologists, and experts of various disciplines was established.

In the last few years the CEFB has analyzed and refined the data collected during the past excavation campaigns and has also studied the great number of finds. This was also done in order to publish all the information and discoveries of the last ten years of research. While the CEFB continues its the work to complete the excavations of the archaeological deposit, it has already started a project to restore and improve the area of the temple with the aim of making the site available to future visitors.