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Angelo Sesana in conferenza al Liceo Gallio Every year the CEFB offers a rich program of lectures, courses and visits mainly addressed to its members but open also to anyone interested in taking part in the CEFB’s activities. The lectures and courses cover various and complex aspects of Egyptian civilization, such as: historical, geographical, linguistic, artistic, architectural and literary aspects. Though easily accessible to anyone, the topics are dealt with scientifically and depth. Particular attention is given to the most recent developments in the world scientific research on Ancient Egypt, to which the CEFB is particularly dedicated with its archaeological missions to the area of the temple of Amenhotep II in Western Thebes. Every year a lecture is entirely dedicated to report the latest excavation campaign's results, updating all members and allowing them to participate directly in the discoveries and the important work carried out by the CEFB in Egypt.

Among the courses lasting an entire year, the course of hieroglyphics and the course of Classic Arabic are the ones that are most popular. Every year a short series of lessons (spread over 4/5 days) are also proposed. They mainly deal with the antique civilisations: the classic cultures (Greek and Roman), the Middle Eastern cultures, and the Egyptian one.

The CEFB also organizes cultural visits. Short visits, lasting one day, are usually visits to the Italian Archaeological Museums that present important Egyptian collections or to the main archaeological exhibitions. The CEFB proposes also longer trips (one week or more) to visit the most interesting archaeological sites in Egypt as well as to other Mediterranean countries. The visits are always under the exceptional guidance of the CEFB’s president, dr. Angelo Sesana.

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