Amenhotep II

statua di Amenhotep II nel suo tempio a Karnak Horo name: Mighty Bull, of pointed horns.
Nebty name: Powerful, crowned in Thebes.
Golden Horo name: The one who seized all lands.

Son of Thutmosi III and of the Great Royal Spouse Hatshepsut-Meritra, when he was 18 years old, he shared the co-regency with his father and after about two years he became Pharaoh with the name Aakeperura Amenhotep. From the early beginnings of his reign he had to organize some campaigns in Syria to consolidate his father's conquests: the first campaign was launched against Takhsy in the 3rd year of his reign and it was followed by two other campaigns against Mitanni in the 7th and 9th years of his reign. These last two campaigns are specially mentioned in the stela of Menphis and in that of Karnak. In Nubia, the king only went on one single military expedition. During his reign, he built a lot in Uronarti, Buhen and Kumma.

la stele di Amenhotep II al Museo di Luxor Amenhotep II was usually described as being of exceptional strength but also very cruel. The texts of the Amada and the Elephantine stela refers to Amenhotep II, on his way back from the Syrian campaign of the 3rd year of reign, carried the bodies of seven princes he personally killed after hanging them on his boat. Then, six of them were hung from the walls of Thebes and one sent to Napata and hung from those walls. The pharaoh was noted for his enthusiasm for archery, racing, rowing, and riding: all activities in which nobody could equal him.

rilievo del tempio di Amenhotep II a Karnak Among his construction projects we can remember the works in the temple of Luxor, in the temple of Karnak and in other places among which: Dendera, Medamud, Armant, Tod and El-Kab besides the other sites already mentioned.

The oldest known date of his reign is the year 26 written on a jar found by Petrie during his excavations on the Temple of Millions of years of Amenhotep II in 1896.

After his death Thutmosi IV succeeded to his father Amenhotep II; Thutmosi IV was also son of the Great Royal Spouse Tiaa.