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Francesco Ballerini - Biography

l'accampamento della Missione Archeologica Italiana Francesco Ballerini was born in Como in 1877. In 1899 he graduated from the Accademia Scientifica Letteraria di Milano with a dissertation on the Antique Egyptian civilization. In the same year he started to teach at the “Collegio Gallio” high school in Como. In 1902 he started working at the Museo Egizio di Turin as curator. At the same time he joined the archaeological research activity on the site led by Ernesto Schiaparelli who right in that period had begun the first Italian Missions in Egypt. Ballerini left for Egypt between December 15th and 16th, 1902 and returned to Italy at the end of May, the following year. This wasn’t the only experience of the young Egyptologist. On the contrary, he took part in subsequent missions carried out on different sites, among which: the Valley of the Queens and Deir el-Medinah at Thebes (Luxor), Giza, Heliopolis, Qau el-Kebir, Hammamia, Ermopolis (Ashmunein), Asiut and Gebelein.

operai egiziani al lavoro The value of his scientific work was recognized when H.M. the King of Italy appointed him Knight of the order of the Crown of Italy.

Tragically he died of a seemingly unimportant illness in 1910 before he was able to become one of the most important archaeologist and Egyptologist of his time.