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Francesco Ballerini - Documents

Una lettera del Ballerini Some 104 letters written by Francesco Ballerini are deposited in the archive of CEFB. They are dated from June 7th, 1902 to December 22nd, 1909 and are part of a surely much bigger correspondence he used to maintain with his family during his stay in Egypt. These documents, kindly donated by his nephew Franco Ballerini, cover many different subjects, mostly private matters or related to his family and some information on his health. Unfortunately, the excavation activities in Egypt are marginally dealt with. He mainly deals with general news about the daily life and the logistic of the camp. But he also mentions his relations with Ernesto Schiaparelli, the director of the Italian mission, and some stories about visitors coming to see the archaeological work.

Ballerini vicino a una tenda dell'accampamento The documentation donated by his nephew Franco also includes some 100 photos, many of which were personally taken by Francesco Ballerini. Some show the places he had the opportunity to visit during the excavation campaigns while others include him. Most of the images allow us to appreciate the wonderful Egyptian landscape, partially unexplored at the beginning of 900, before the dramatic changes that, especially in recent years, have dramatically modified their ancient and traditional characteristics.

Finally, some splendid reliefs personally drawn by Francesco Ballerini can be admired at the Museo Egizio in Turin where they are exhibited as part of the scientific documentation of the Schaparelli expedition. La firma del Ballerini