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un operaio della missione italiana "Worker adoption" - 65.00 (minimum suggested offer)
Every year CEFB employs a large number of local workers. This offer could be an important help to partially cover the salary for one man during the next mission.

"A brick for the Temple" - 20.00 (approximately corresponding to 100 mud-bricks)
Since the 11th excavation campaign, CEFB started a very important program to restore and to consolidate the mud-brick structures and to partially refurbish some wall structures. The aim is to make the site available to future visitors and to make the temple area more easily comprehensible to the Public. This project requires thousands of modern mud-bricks which the CEFB has already purchased. This possible offer allows to all donors to actively participate in the restoration of the temple of Amenhotep.

muratori egiziani al lavoro Free Donations
Starting the fiscal year 2010 all donations will be tax deductible, consequently all taxpayers will have the opportunity to report the donation on their tax return. This applies only to those who pay tax in Italy.