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How to join - First Enrolment

An APPLICATION FORM must be filled out and it includes the acceptance of the Italian Privacy laws.

To download the APPLICATION FORM, click here. (PDF file, 150 Kb)

The APPLICATION FORM can be requested from the secretary of CEFB at info@cefb.it or at mobile +39 389 1798444.



Methods of Payment

Bank Transfer to:
CEFB – Centro di Egittologia Francesco Ballerini
c/o Collegio Gallio – Via T. Gallio, 1 – 22100 COMO
Agenzia: 07550
Via Giulio Rubini, 6 – 22100 COMO
IBAN Code: IT90F0306910910100000000520 (National transfer)
SWIFT Code: BCITIT33390 (International transfer)

Cash payment directly to the CEFB’s people in charge, during the first available lecture or course.

The renewal of the membership follows the same procedures as the first payment.