Mission 13 - 2010-2011

tomb A17 The Italian Team lead by Angelo Sesana concluded in January the 13th season of works (18 December 2010-14 January 2011) at the “Temple of Millions of Years” of Amenhotep II.
During this expedition four burial shafts, dating back to the Third Intermediate Period and containing only ushabtis, pottery sherds, coffin fragments and skeletal human remains, were completely investigated.
In the south side of the Temple, the clearing of a funerary structure, the excavation of which began two years ago, was completed. The complex, totally excavated in the conglomerate, consists of a ramp, a long corridor very rich in many kinds of pottery and two rooms. In the larger one, a huge quantity of nice pottery dating back to the Middle Kingdom or the Second Intermediate Period and the skeletons of eleven people were discovered. Among the finds: a bronze mirror with its ivory handle, a big ivory pin, some small alabaster vases, necklaces and bracelet beads alongwith some amulets. The funerary equipment also gave the possibility to state that this tomb was untouched since it has been close in ancient times.

tomb A17, chamber E Alongwith the archaeological work, the restoration of the mud-brick boundary wall and of the poor remains of the second pylon (of which only the eastern face is still visible) continued. At the end of the Archaeological Mission the fillling up of the area once occupied by the central column courtyard was also completed. This operation allows to reach the ancient level of the temple and to give a clear visibility of the court itself. The aim of these works is to protect from degradation the remains of the survived structures of the Temple and to give the area a better visibility to possible future visitors.

Members of the 13th mission are: Angelo Sesana (Director), Franco M. Giani (Assistant Director), Elio Negri (Architect), Lucia Zito (Draughts person), Claudio Busi (Geologist), Elisa Solera (Restorer), Sara Ceruti (Assistant Restorer), Anna Consonni (Chief Finds Keeper), Giovanna Bellandi, Maurizio Cavaciocchi, Maria Luisa Mesiano, (Finds Keepers), Tommaso Quirino (Chief Site Supervisor), Mimosa Ravaglia (Chief Area Supervisor), Angelo Cecchi, Enrico Croce, Graziella Storci, Federica Ugliano (Area Supervisors), Angela Ciceri, Francesco Longhi (Surveyors). We have the pleasure to thank, first and foremost, Dr. Prof. Zahi Hawass, General Secretary of the Supreme Council of Antiquities,; Mr. Sabry Abdel Aziz Khater, General Director of the Pharaonic Department of the S.C.A.; Dr. Mohamed Ismail Khaled, Director of the Department of Foreign Expedition of the S.C.A.; Mr. Mansour Boraik General Director of Antiquities of Upper Egypt; Mr. Mustapha El-Waziri, General Director of Antiquities of Western Thebes.; Mr. Nour Abd el-Ghaffar Mohammed, Assistant Director of Antiquities of Western Thebes, and to Mr. Ramadan Ahmed Ali Ahmed and Mrs. Amal Moatasem Mustapha, Inspectors of Antiquities for the area of the temple of AMENHOTEP II. We also thank the Raïs of the team workers Mr. Aly Farouk Sayed Qeftawy for his constant availability.


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