gli operai egiziani The CEFB employs a large number of collaborators supporting the mission’s director in all the excavation’s activities. This type of archaeological research requires a multidisciplinary staff and the Italian mission has specialists of various disciplines. Of course, besides the Egyptologists, these experts consist of specialized geologists, restorers, anthropologists and archaeologists that attained field of professional experience working in Italy in the scientific research.


il Rais Ali Farouk The intensive excavation works on site are possible thanks to a large number of Egyptian workers; usually about 150 – 200 workers are regularly employed. The job carried out by the local workers enables us to achieve important results despite the short time available for the excavations. The Egyptian staff, directed by the Italian team, is coordinated with great competence by Raïs Aly Farouk Sayed Qeftawy, who has always shown great commitment and always willing to help, during all our missions.